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4th Period: Using Money

Now that you’ve earned it (or cashed that birthday check from grandma), you get to decide how to use your money. This is where careful decision becomes most important.

There are four basic ways you can use your money:

  • Save it
    • You might choose to put your money in a jar, under your mattress, or in a shoebox on a shelf.
    • You could also open a bank account (hint: better choice!) and earn some interest along the way.
  • Spend it
    • Go out and buy what you need or want right now.
    • But after you do, that money is gone.
  • Invest it
    • As we covered during second period, investing your money means that you let it go to work for you—whether in a bank account, bond, stock, or other option.
  • Give it
    • Share your money with people or charities that represent your values.
    • You could donate to:
      • A local food pantry or homeless shelter
      • A large nonprofit with a mission you believe in
      • Groups that promote the arts
      • Political candidates or activism groups you support

Talk it through

  1. How are you using your money right now?
  2. What are some ways you think you want to use your money differently in the future?

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