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Check out our Napkin For Fair Play!

A REESE WITHERSPOON x HELLO SUNSHINE BOOK CLUB PICK for October 2019! 📚 Fair Play is a New York Times Bestseller from @everodsky for when you have too much to do (and...
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Check out Napkin Finance on CNBC!

Napkin Finance CEO Tina Hay wants you to wrap your mind around money Tina Hay came to a realization while studying for her MBA. She was struggling to keep up...
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Napkin Finance + UBS

Big news for NF! We are excited to announce our partnership with UBS to create simple, unique content to help clients reach their financial goals. UBS Press Release
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Yahoo! Finance features Napkin Finance!

Everything you need to know about finance…explained on a napkin Read Story If you feel intimidated by the world of finance, you’re not alone. According to a study by Ally...
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Napkin in Cointronix

What is a Security Token Offering (STO)? ICO + Legal Compliance = STO Read moreSecurity tokens are digitized financial securities, your tokens are backed by tangible assets, like debt securities (banknotes,...
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