Partner With Us

Napkin Finance® partners with select brands to create unique, engaging and memorable content.

Our team of industry experts and creative minds can work with your brand to develop and execute a comprehensive content strategy.


  • Visual learning: With Napkins, Videos, Infographics and more, we can demystify even the most complex financial topics.
  • Fun, snackable content: We keep things short, simple and engaging for a modern audience.
  • Unbiased advice: We aren’t beholden to advertisers or affiliates, so we can give readers the information they need without a sales pitch.


  • Content strategy
  • Customized original content
  • Content licensing
We have an extensive library of assets online and offline, including:
  • Napkins

  • Charts

  • Courses

  • Glossaries

  • Grams

  • Infographics

  • Articles

  • Storyboards

  • Tables

  • Videos