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Financial Literacy Month: Just in Time

It’s April, which means it’s Financial Literacy Month—and not a moment too soon. Millions of Americans have filed for unemployment, the economy is headed for a recession (or could already...

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Recession: Not a Time for Panic 🚫

Until a few weeks ago, most Americans associated the word “recession” with the 2008 global financial crisis. Now fears of a recession are spreading in tandem with the COVID-19 novel...

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Volatility: A Bumpy Ride Worth Taking

You’ve probably heard the term “market volatility” in recent days, most likely in the same breath as “coronavirus.” The pandemic caused a plunge in global markets as consumer spending dropped...

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Debt: Holiday Hangover 💳

If you’re still paying off your holiday splurges, you’re not alone. Americans took on an average of $1,325 in debt during the just-finished holiday season—up 8% from last year—with 57%...

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FSA vs HSA: Use it or lose it

What are FSAs and HSAs? FSAs and HSAs are special types of savings accounts that can let you pay for healthcare expenses with pretax dollars. They effectively let you pay...

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