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Estate Planning

Gobble Gobble: Happy Thanksgiving!

Gram of the week: (Turkey estate-planning gram) Estate planning: It’s your plan for your assets after you die—and a great way of letting your grandkids know, once and for all,...

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Rollovers: Move Your Assets

What’s a rollover? A rollover is when you move money from one retirement account into another—like if you decide to transfer your 401(k) from your old job into an Individual...

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Economies Of Scale

Trick or Treat: Happy Halloween!

Spooky returns A $10,000 investment in Amazon 20 years ago would be worth about $230,000 today. What are the secrets to the company’s success? For one thing, a ruthlessly efficient...

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IPOs: Cash out

What’s an IPO? An initial public offering, or IPO, is how a private company becomes a public company. IPOs can translate into big paydays for insiders and investors (or occasionally,...

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Financial Planning

Financial Planning: Spark Joy

What’s financial planning? Financial planning means bringing the Marie Kondo vibe to your finances. It can entail looking at all your junk—including your different accounts, your sources of income, your...

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Volatility: Buckle Up

What is volatility? Volatility describes how investments rise and fall in price. High volatility = an investment has big swings up and down in price Low volatility = an investment...

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