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Financial Advisors

Financial Advisors: Help Wanted

What does a financial advisor do? A financial advisor can be anyone who provides advice or assistance with your money decisions. Investment advisers, lawyers, accountants—and yes, even robots—can be financial...

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Liquidity: Fast Cash

In times of uncertainty, the number one asset you want is cash. Liquidity describes your ability to easily withdraw funds from an account or quickly convert another asset to cash....

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Emergency Fund

Emergency Funds: For a Rainy Day

It’s a fact of life that bad things—especially of the financial variety—sometimes happen to good people. That’s why you need an emergency fund. Emergency funds are buffers between you and...

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Estimated Taxes

Estimated Taxes: Quarter Pounder

If you’re a freelancer, Uber driver, online yoga instructor or are otherwise self-employed, you probably have to pay estimated taxes. Due once a quarter, estimated taxes include state and federal...

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Recession Shapes

Recession Shapes: In Recovery

The question on everyone’s minds right now: when is the coronavirus recession going to end? Recession recoveries tend to take one of several shapes: V, U, W, and L. The...

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