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Financial Planning
Spark Joy

September 11, 2019
Financial Planning

What’s financial planning?

Financial planning means bringing the Marie Kondo vibe to your finances. It can entail looking at all your junk—including your different accounts, your sources of income, your bills, and your spending—putting it into order and whipping it into shape.

Financial planning isn’t the same for everyone. It can mean tackling everything in one swoop. Or, it could mean dealing with just one or two specific pesky aspects of your money—like coming up with a plan for your student loans, or overhauling your investment strategy.

And while some people may choose to hire a professional planner for guidance, others may prefer to handle it all themselves.

But the life-changing magic of tidying your finances has many benefits, including:

  • Beating bad financial habits (hello, middle-of-the-night online shopping)
  • Helping you figure out your priorities for your money (save for retirement, or save for a house?)
  • Peace of mind (because as KonMari fans know, “tidying orders and relaxes the mind”)

Do you need it?

Honestly? Probably yes.

Whether it’s worth your coin to hire a professional planner or advisor is a question only you can answer. But bringing order to your finances—and making sure that your day-to-day financial decisions reflect your actual priorities—is really only a good thing.

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