Down Qrrow

Stock Market 101


“Buy, buy, buy!” “Sell, sell, sell!” Frantic traders clamor to be heard on the crowded stock market floor. Common in TV shows and movies, these scenes can make the stock market seem like an intimidating place, with little room for those of us who don’t have a stockbroker on speed dial.

Guess what? The stock market is actually open to anyone who’s interested with a few extra bucks. Of course, it helps if you know a little about what you’re doing.

Although financial jargon can make it seem complicated, the basic premise of the stock market is surprisingly simple: The stock market is like a big global auction where investors buy and sell pieces of ownership in companies, also known as stocks or shares. Companies sell shares to raise money, and investors buy shares to make money.

How that happens in practice is a little more nuanced. This course will help you sort out the basics of the stock market, how it works, who’s involved, and its relationship with the economy.


This course is for anyone who isn’t quite sure how the stock market works or wants to learn more about its importance. Whether you’re considering investing or just want to understand what you read in the news, this course is for you.


  • A basic understanding of what the stock market is and how it works
  • Information on the individuals, companies, and organizations involved in the stock market
  • A breakdown of the different types of stocks and how to track their performance
  • An overview of the mechanics of stock trades
  • An understanding of the relationship between the stock market and the economy