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Course Overview

Self-employment—it’s the way many of us work now. Whether in pursuit of work-life balance, a chance to own what they do, or simply out of necessity, more and more Americans are joining the ranks of the freelance every year.

There are serious perks to working for yourself, whether you set out to be your own boss or not. You can set your own schedule, choose your clients, and maybe even work from anywhere in the world. It’s hard to beat that kind of lifestyle flexibility.

But to make self-employment work, you have to get a handle on your finances. In this course, we’ll cover everything you need to know about being a solopreneur, including how to get started, how to get paid, and how to save for retirement when you don’t have an employer setting you up with a plan.

Who is this for

This course is for anyone who is already self-employed or considering making the jump to self-employment. Whether you’re experienced at running your own business, or merely dreaming of one day being your own boss, this course is for you.

What you will get out of this course

  • A sense of the tradeoffs of self-employment
  • A checklist of steps to take before you make the jump to #bosslife
  • Ideas on how to structure your self-employment—from legal issues to making sure your clients are paying you
  • Confidence in your ability to juggle retirement and tax issues as a self-employed person
  • Tips on how to disaster-proof your business and make it through any unexpected lean times
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