Why We Are Different in Financial Education

Visual learning

Seeing is believing. Seeing can also be the key to unlocking learning and comprehension. Most people possess natural strength in visual learning, and we design every piece of our content to leverage this strength—so that learners who have previously felt excluded from the world of finance can gain access to this important and powerful area of their lives.

Emerging research in the area of neuroscience increasingly shows that we process math and quantitative concepts with the visual processing parts of our brains. Just as children first learn about numbers by counting on their fingers, adults and learners of all ages can gain mastery of financial topics by taking these concepts out of the world of abstraction and into the concrete world of images, objects, and spatialization. Learn more about the science behind what we do.

Giving back

We believe that everyone deserves access to empowering educational content. And we believe that with the right resources and tools, everyone can gain the confidence to take control of their finances and make smarter financial decisions.

That’s why we dedicate a portion of all our resources to pro bono work that aids financially underserved communities. We have also worked with partner organizations in the nonprofit sector to produce customized visual-learning content, when existing educational materials are insufficient to meet their communities’ needs. Learn more about partnering with us.


We’re in the business of education and empowerment—not selling products. Our readers come to us because they’re looking for answers and guidance on their most impactful financial questions, not because they want a list of links to products that earn us a referral fee.

Our advice is always unbiased and based on the independent research of our team of financial experts. That’s why when you engage with our content you’ll never encounter product rankings, endorsements, referrals, or cross-promotions. And that’s why readers can count on us to be their trusted advisor for life’s most important financial decisions.

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