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What is a Budget?

A monthly plan that splits your money into categories and helps you manage your spending and savings.

The first step to achieving all of your financial goals.

Why Important?

  • Identify
    How you spend
  • Cut back
    Allows you to recognize areas
  • Inform
    Your financial situation
  • Motivate
    Reach your financial goals

How to Create a Budget?

Determine how much $$ you make each month

Identify how you spend your $$

Keep a Journal

Set aside some $$ each month

Consult with family or financial experts

Decide where you can cut back

Sample Budget

  • 30% Flexible Choices (Shopping, eating out, charity donations… etc.)
  • 20% Financial Priorities (Savings, debts)
  • 50% Essential Expenses (Food, transportation)

Think long-term!

A Starbucks coffee every day is $3.00 but in one year = $1,095!!

Bottled water: $3.00/day and > $1,000/yr
Tap water: $.50/day and $180/yr (Eco-friendly!)

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