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What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin?

  • Bitcoin is a digital currency
  • Crypto-currency
  • Exchanged peer-to-peer

What does it look like?

Not like a dollar, euro, or paper money

It is a set of alphanumeric characters
Example: 3L78S1QyDZ86BRpStcfrlsfikqsrTyXMPg

Who created Bitcoin?

One or more anonymous hackers aka Satoshi Nakamoto.

Features of Bitcoin

  • Transfer funds without a fee
  • Anonymous transactions
  • Anyone with internet can use
  • Don’t need a bank account
  • No limit on transactions
  • Use anywhere in the world

Where do you store Bitcoin?

In a Bitcoin wallet.

A Bitcoin “wallet” is a digital bank account.

How do you acquire Bitcoin?

  • Purchase it on an exchange
  • Receive it from someone else
  • “Mine” for it

Bitcoin Value

Extremely volatile and fluctuates frequently.

Downsides to Bitcoin?

  • Not insured
  • If hacked gone for good
  • Not widely accepted
  • Price volatile
  • Payments irreversible
  • Facilitates illegal activity

You can use Bitcoin to pay for travel on Virgin Galactic to the moon.

Lamborghini was the first car company to accept Bitcoin in exchange for cars.

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