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The Post Office

The Post Office

This is Mo’money trying to expose some opportunities, revenue generating opportunities.

When you think about what your business is and what exposure you have and what you do, I want you to think about the US Postal Service which also going back to Amtrak loses money and I’m thinking what does the post office do? What does it do for you, it sends you envelopes of advertisements in neatly packed paper and it drops it off in your post office box and then you read it, you rip it up and you throw it out.

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Now why isn’t a US postal truck ordained like a Nascar and has all the logos of all the companies on there, they pay probably three grand a month to be on the side of the car. You know, it goes on the route, you know it stops at everybody’s house, you know they have to look at it, it’s a moving billboard. Instead it’s a white truck with a silhouette of an eagle on it, makes zero dollars in advertising, yet the biggest asset that they have, other trucks that everybody sees every day.

So when you have a business, I want you to say what do I have, what are the assets of my company and how do I monetize the assets of my company and then talk to your local post office and find out why they don’t advertise on the trucks instead of sending you junk mail. This is Mo’money, trying to change the world for a little bit of ad revenue, that’s all I’m asking for. Land-based ad revenue, Mo’ money, bye.