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Supply Chain Farm To Table

Supply Chain Farm To Table

This is Mo’money checking in from Napkin Finance, I’m going to go a little bit off topic here, I’m going to the supply chain.

When someone’s like I got a great supply chain and you’re manufacturing a business but I’m actually going to take it to a level that you guys will understand. Farm-to-table, the biggest misnomer and the biggest misuse of a supply chain that I’ve ever seen because nothing goes farm to the table unless you’re at the farm.

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Alright, so I go to a restaurant, I sit down and I got a Brussel sprouts farm-to-table, let’s talk about the supply chain that created that. First we got the farmer, he’s got his fertilizer, he’s grown his Brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts get picked, go through the cleansing process, then it goes on to the truck, the truck goes to the distribution center, distribution center gets onto another truck, then it goes to the restaurant, then it gets clean, goes through the kitchen and then finally ends up on my table, okay. As far as I know that is not farm-to-table that is farm to supply chain to my table.

Now what I would like to do is I like to actually get to the point where its farm to table, spoon and then we’ve made real progress on the organic products industry. More rhymes, Mo’money, mo’ farm.