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Schmuck Tax

I think instead of raising taxes on people, you just should create a schmuck tax, find things that people buy that is just the dumbest things that we are just gonna fucking double the price of them, because if you’re that much you’re a fucking schmuck to buy it then we’re going to fucking tax the shit out of you on it.

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Examples, one would be a boat, total schmuck tax, two would be a Bugatti, you have Bugatti issues. I’ve Bugatti issues but I won’t get the Bugatti. If you really need that car, fucking rent it for the day otherwise it’s not super functional. I think the boat is the best example of a schmuck tax, trying to think If there’s anything else that’s excessive. Maybe like a six thousand dollar bottle of wine and a steak dinner with some client that’s not your client and you can expense it, schmuck.