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Focus topic: UBS Equity Awards
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Last updated: August 13, 2018
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Key takeaways (universal for all assets):

  • Your company values your contribution and wants you to share in its success.
  • Your award/benefit can help you boost your progress toward your unique financial goals.
  • Taking the three key steps of planning, advice and diversification can help you fully appreciate the value of your awards.
  • Through your employer, you have access to a UBS Financial Advisor, who can help you see the bigger picture.
  • You can find more details in your award agreement or plan documentation.

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Keyline: Your equity benefits at a glance
Infoline: The what, the how and the key steps to take.


Description: You are eligible to receive equity awards or participate in an ESPP. Taking certain key steps can help you make the most of your valuable benefits.

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Keyline: Putting your benefit to work
Infoline: Should you save or invest your equity awards?

Description: The best use for your proceeds depends on your particular situation and goals.

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Keyline: We can help
Infoline: Our resources can help you manage your benefits.

Description: UBS has decades of experience in helping participants like you maximize their benefits.

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Keyline: More from your benefit
Infoline: Harnessing your company’s success can help you get where you want to go.

UBS Equity Awards Article

Description: Your equity benefits may represent valuable additional compensation. Simple steps, such as reading your plan documentation and connecting with a UBS Financial Advisor, can help you get the most value from your benefit.