Down Qrrow

Making A Napkin

From concept, to words, to images, here is one example of how our napkins come to life.

Investing in Real Estate

“While there may be many ways to invest your money, nothing can be as risky, or as lucrative, as real estate. And whether it’s for cash flow, appreciation, tax benefits or personal reasons, investing in real estate can be rewarding in more ways than one.”

The First Step

We start out with the story, How to Invest in Real Estate. Then from there we begin to visualize the napkin.

After our first pass, we start sketching in our signature colors.

We then try different designs and layouts to see what works best in communicating the material.

This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

We love using quotes and characters to help add some fun.

As you can see, we make quite a few changes to get the right style and sequence.

We then tweak the design even more to make the napkin more visual.

The Final Napkin!