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  • Napkin Finance did an excellent job helping us to explain the complex Financial Aid process to students! The easy to understand, fun, graphic which condensed a lot of information will be used in a variety of ways to give current and prospective students a better sense of how financial Aid works.

    It was terrific to team up with NF!

    Harvard Business School

  • Better Make Room has been so fortunate to partner with many great partners, including Napkin Finance.

    Together, we’ve developed unique, easy-to-understand content that help students understand complex topics such as completing the FAFSA form or learning how to save for college.

    Michelle Obama's Better Make Room

  • I love your venture!! It is such an important and vital undertaking during times when too few people – who wield votes and pocketbooks (or not) – are sufficiently educated across a range of finance-related topics.

    My only idea for you: can I somehow help you launch it in the U.K.?



  • I really, really love your napkins!

    Here is what I want to do with them:
    (1) Give a set to my sister, Torrey, who just graduated high school and placed in an international competition for a project in financial literacy last year for DECA.

    (2) Throw a party to celebrate my husband and I reaching a financial goal. We will have chocolate gold coins, a banner of an oversized $100 bill, and stick-on mustaches. I want green plates and your finance napkins there.

    Please do let me know when they are available to buy.


  • I need this financial education to lift up my family from poverty…thank you very very much for all the hardworking team. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼



  • I randomly saw Napkin Finance when I was with a financial planning network. Now, as I build out my education platform for my clients, I randomly saw the ETF illustration create by Napkin Finance and thought it was amazing!

    Now I want to find a way to use more of the Napkin Finance illustrations in my conversation.


    Financial Advisor

  • This company looks awesome…I’ve grown an interest into the field during a recent deployment that brought me to look more into the future. I love the credit and banking napkins. Those are one of the, if not, the biggest subjects affecting the world today. Good luck!


  • I love this!!! I teach high school students that are at risk. We do lots of different things from cooking to how to handle money.
    These would be perfect is there a way to buy the napkins in printed form or even PDFs.


  • Hello there, I’ve checked out the napkin finance website and I’m in love. I wish I knew about this website sooner. So organized and informative.


  • We love the napkins! We have them up on our family’s gratitude list.


  • 👍👍👍


  • Napkins printed for her daughter.

    Anonymous Mom

  • Good afternoon,

    First of all I am in love with napkin finance!

    I would like to find out more about your services that you offer for FI’s. I am mapping out a content marketing strategy for the bank and researching potential vendors and resources to support me in these efforts.

    Again, LOVE napkin finance and I wish it was my idea!

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