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American Express Open features our CEO!

On Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, Business Owners Reflect on Successes and Challenges Improving the World on Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and Beyond In addition to focusing on building their businesses, many women...
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Check out our Go Banking Rates story

Tina Hay, CEO of Napkin Finance discusses 5 Things You Never Thought Could Put You in Debt 1. Weddings Sure, planning and hosting a wedding can be a money pit....
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Napkin at Sea!

Thank you to one of our favorite users for sharing her Napkin Finance picture!
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Great article from NF on

On Millennials, Social Responsibility and Investing Millennials are interested in starting and running their own businesses. Whether it’s within the next few years or later on in life, startup culture...
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Check out our coverage in Forbes!

The Second Napkin’s A Charm For Financial Literacy Startup Napkin Finance Many people feel that graduating from Harvard Business School is the equivalent to receiving Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket. But as...
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TOPMBA talks Napkin Finance

MBA Alumna’s Startup Meets with Michelle Obama’s Approval ‘Digestible’, ‘easy’, ‘fun’- these are not words we would most commonly associate with the learning of business constructs. Harvard Business School (HBS) alumna, Tina Hay,...
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