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Napkin Finance at the Social Innovation Summit

The Social Innovation Summit in Chicago brought together social entrepreneurs and thought leaders to  explore the new ideas and create impact within their organizations. Presenters included Van Jones (CNN), Carly Fiorina...
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Our Tax Guide for the Self-Employed

7 Must-Know Tax Tips For The Self-Employed Working for yourself has a ton of benefits – a flexible schedule, the opportunity to pursue projects you love, and the ability to...
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We’re back in Fortune!

Clothing on display for sale, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan
Why Your Product’s Quality Doesn’t Always Predict Its Success Whether you are working on your first or fifth startup, there is no single path to success as an entrepreneur. Each...
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How to Finance Your Startup Without Selling Your Soul The rise of many prominent, self-made business moguls has led to a lot of discussion about what it takes to be...
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NF Tax Tips in CNBC!

The best tax tips for freelancers On the back of the gig economy, making ends meet has taken on many forms. From Uber drivers to freelance web developers, there’s a growing...
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