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Napkin Finance on The Today Show!

Women’s financial health: How to take ownership of your finances For Women’s History Month, Maria Shriver is exploring the state of women’s health on the 3rd hour of TODAY. She...
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We are in GOOP!!

The Career and Money Advice We’re Taking Right Now Napkin Finance by Tina Hay It’s uncomplicated and effective: Learn the basics of money through clear, easy-to-understand illustrations. This is how...
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NY Times Review of the Napkin Finance Book

Are You Overlooking Something That Could Make You Richer? ‘Napkin Finance’ With “Napkin Finance: Build Your Wealth in 30 Seconds or Less,” Ms. Hay has created an entertaining introduction to...
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Napkin Finance on NBC News Better!

A napkin helped this money expert visualize her way to financial success Finance expert Tina Hay struggled with numbers until she put a pen to a napkin and sketched out...
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Check our article in MarketWatch!

Opinion: Visual learning may be the trick to making us smarter about money   By TINAHAY It’s no secret that Americans struggle when it comes to working with numbers. Although...
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Napkin Finance on Yahoo! Finance

Tips to strengthen your financial knowledge December 31, 2019 If you find learning about money and finance challenging. Fear not! Tina Hay, the author of Napkin Finance, is all about...
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