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Napkin Finance Goes To School

Napkin Finance used in classes around the country.

Here is a one of our favorite examples:

Students ranging from 15 to 17 years old worked in groups of three, each creating their own napkin but able to confer with each other. Each student created three napkins in the span of 45 minutes.

The user-generated napkins were incredibly impressive not only in their creative graphics and notes but also the way they helped classmates understand the concepts.

This was the final exam for the class “Business, Finance, and Marketing Essentials”.

· The teacher was amazed by how easy to read Napkin Finance was compared to some of his textbooks. He plans to use the napkin sketching activity as future assessments.

· The students liked how the napkins included diagrams, sketches, and examples instead of just content – it made the material easier to understand.

“Napkin Finance gave me a great opportunity to learn more about finance, and I am so glad that I now have this new resource that I can refer to in the future.” – Vinay Kasat, student