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Napkin Finance CEO Tina Hay wants you to wrap your mind around money

Tina Hay came to a realization while studying for her MBA.

She was struggling to keep up with her Harvard Business School classmates when it came to understanding financial jargon. However, it was much easier if it was in a visual format.

“Numbers and jargon and other financial concepts aren’t as intuitive for me but things like images, sketches [and] graphics are much more easy to digest,” said Hay, founder and CEO of Napkin Finance.

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Napkin Finance CEO, Tina Hay
Tina Hay

She’s not alone. In fact, about 65% of Americans are visual learners. As the name suggests, people who are visual learners prefer using pictures and other visual media to help them gain knowledge.

It’s those people she is trying to help with her company, Napkin Finance, which she said teaches “everything about money in 30 seconds or less.”

The power of money is much more significant with education attached to it. Knowledge is power.