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Napkin Finance empowers readers by educating them about their money in a fun, engaging, visual way. We create unique content—including images, infographics, videos, and articles—that breaks complex financial topics down into simple, easy, bite-sized lessons.

Our content reaches more than 80 million households worldwide through our partnerships with global financial institutions such as JP Morgan Chase and UBS. (Learn about working with us.) We also engage with readers directly through our website, print publications, and social media channels.

A core part of our mission is to make high-quality educational content available to those who need it most, which is why we donate a portion of our creative resources to nonprofits, schools, and other organizations. We’ve worked with Michelle Obama’s Better Make Room initiative, the US Olympic Committee, and others to bring our educational content to financially underserved populations.

We believe that with the right tools and support, everyone can master the world of finance and take charge of their money. We often hear from readers that our Napkins helped them to finally understand a concept for the first time.

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